Tlcharger Franais Download Senuti For Mac

Download Lightshot for free. Download for Windows. Download for Mac. Lightshot downloads. Install lightshot in your most advanced Mac OS X operating system. Capture screen images and share them via Facebook and Twitter with your Macintosh. Mac hotkey is ⇧⌘ 9.


The following programs are compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)

We are working on updating the rest of our Mac applications, and they should be available soon.

Microsoft word emoticons. Typing symbols in Windows 10 Dan Baker/Digital TrendsYour Windows PC has many alt-key shortcuts programmed into it that are pretty easy to type out.

ProgramPlatform/ Download LinkLanguageVersion
CardWorksDownload MacEnglish4.01 or later
Classic FTPDownload MacEnglish4.03 or later
ClickChartsDownload MacEnglish4.04 or later
CrescendoDownload MacEnglish4.17 or later
DebutDownload MacEnglish5.65 or later
DisketchDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
DoxillionDownload MacEnglish3.18 or later
DrawPadDownload MacEnglish5.26 or later
DreamPlanDownload MacEnglish4.01 or later
Express AccountsDownload MacEnglish7.04 or later
Express BurnDownload MacEnglish8.03 or later
Express DictateDownload MacEnglish8.02 or later
Express InvoiceDownload MacEnglish7.28 or later
Express ScribeDownload MacEnglish8.09 or later
Express ZipDownload MacEnglish6.20 or later
FastFoxDownload MacEnglish3.00 or later
FlexiStationDownload MacEnglish4.02 or later
Golden RecordsDownload MacEnglish3.00 or later
InventoriaDownload MacEnglish6.00 or later
KeyBlazeDownload MacEnglish3.04 or later
MixPadDownload MacEnglish5.60 or later
MoneyLineDownload MacEnglish4.00 or later
PhotoPadDownload MacEnglish5.10 or later
PhotoStageDownload MacEnglish6.41 or later
PixillionDownload MacEnglish5.20 or later
PrismDownload MacEnglish4.27 or later
RecordPadDownload MacEnglish8.04 or later
SoundTapDownload MacEnglish6.06 or later
SwitchDownload MacEnglish6.50 or later
ToneGenDownload MacEnglish6.01 or later
VideoPadDownload MacEnglish7.26 or later
VoxalDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
WavePadDownload MacEnglish9.29 or later
ZuluDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
Classic FTPFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch4.04 or later
DebutFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.70 or later
DisketchFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.01 or later
DoxillionFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch3.17 or later
Express AccountsFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.01 or later
Express BurnFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.05 or later
Express DictateFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.03 or later
Express InvoiceFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.29 or later
Express ScribeFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.18 or later
Express ZipFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.21 or later
InventoriaFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.01 or later
MixPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.63 or later
PhotoPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.28 or later
PhotoStageFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.50 or later
PixillionFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.19 or later
PrismFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch4.25 or later
RecordPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.05 or later
SoundTapFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.07 or later
SwitchFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.36 or later
VideoPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.37 or later
WavePadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch9.52 or later
ZuluFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.01 or later
DebutDescarga MacEspañol5.70 or later
DoxillionDescarga MacEspañol3.17 or later
Express AccountsDescarga MacEspañol8.02 or later
Express BurnDescarga MacEspañol8.06 or later
Express DictateDescarga MacEspañol8.04 or later
Express InvoiceDescarga MacEspañol7.29 or later
Express ScribeDescarga MacEspañol8.02 or later
Express ZipDescarga MacEspañol6.21 or later
InventoriaDescarga MacEspañol6.02 or later
MixPadDescarga MacEspañol5.63 or later
PixillionDescarga MacEspañol6.02 or later
PhotoPadDescarga MacEspañol5.25 or later
PhotoStageDescarga MacEspañol6.43 or later
PrismDescarga MacEspañol5.06 or later
RecordPadDescarga MacEspañol8.06 or later
SwitchDescarga MacEspañol7.35 or later
VideoPadDescarga MacEspañol7.38 or later
WavePadDescarga MacEspañol9.43 or later
Classic FTPTélécharger MacFrançais4.04 or later
CrescendoTélécharger MacFrançais4.18 or later
DebutTélécharger MacFrançais5.70 or later
DisketchTélécharger MacFrançais5.01 or later
DoxillionTélécharger MacFrançais3.14 or later
DreamPlanTélécharger MacFrançais4.66 or later
Express AccountsTélécharger MacFrançais8.00 or later
Express BurnTélécharger MacFrançais8.09 or later
Express DictateTélécharger MacFrançais8.03 or later
Express InvoiceTélécharger MacFrançais7.29 or later
Express ScribeTélécharger MacFrançais8.01 or later
Express ZipTélécharger MacFrançais6.21 or later
InventoriaTélécharger MacFrançais6.02 or later
MixPadTélécharger MacFrançais5.63 or later
PhotoPadTélécharger MacFrançais5.26 or later
PixillionTélécharger MacFrançais5.20 or later
PhotoStageTélécharger MacFrançais6.42 or later
PrismTélécharger MacFrançais4.24 or later
RecordPadTélécharger MacFrançais8.06 or later
SoundTapTélécharger MacFrançais6.07 or later
SwitchTélécharger MacFrançais7.35 or later
VideoPadTélécharger MacFrançais7.37 or later
WavePadTélécharger MacFrançais9.43 or later
ZuluTélécharger MacFrançais5.01 or later
DebutScarica per MacItaliano5.69 or later
Express BurnScarica per MacItaliano8.04 or later
PrismScarica per MacItaliano5.02 or later
SwitchScarica per MacItaliano7.35 or later
VideoPadScarica per MacItaliano7.36 or later
WavePadScarica per MacItaliano9.45 or later
Classic FTPMac版ダウンロード日本語4.04 or later
CrescendoMac版ダウンロード日本語4.28 or later
DebutMac版ダウンロード日本語5.69 or later
DisketchMac版ダウンロード日本語5.02 or later
DoxillionMac版ダウンロード日本語3.17 or later
Express BurnMac版ダウンロード日本語8.04 or later
Express DictateMac版ダウンロード日本語8.03 or later
Express InvoiceMac版ダウンロード日本語7.29 or later
Express ScribeMac版ダウンロード日本語8.05 or later
Express ZipMac版ダウンロード日本語6.24 or later
InventoriaMac版ダウンロード日本語6.02 or later
MixPadMac版ダウンロード日本語5.63 or later
PhotoPadMac版ダウンロード日本語5.34 or later
PhotoStageMac版ダウンロード日本語6.50 or later
PixillionMac版ダウンロード日本語5.19 or later
PrismMac版ダウンロード日本語4.25 or later
RecordPadMac版ダウンロード日本語8.05 or later
SoundTapMac版ダウンロード日本語6.07 or later
SwitchMac版ダウンロード日本語7.38 or later
VideoPadMac版ダウンロード日本語7.37 or later
WavePadMac版ダウンロード日本語9.53 or later
Pixillion맥용 다운로드한글6.12 or later
Prism맥용 다운로드한글6.12 or later
Crescendo下载Mac 版本简体中文5.05 or later
Debut下载Mac 版本简体中文5.69 or later
Express Zip下载Mac 版本简体中文7.01 or later
MixPad下载Mac 版本简体中文5.66 or later
Pixillion下载Mac 版本简体中文7.02 or later
PhotoPad下载Mac 版本简体中文6.07 or later
PhotoStage下载Mac 版本简体中文7.02 or later
Prism下载Mac 版本简体中文6.12 or later
Switch下载Mac 版本简体中文8.02 or later
VideoPad下载Mac 版本简体中文8.03 or later
WavePad下载Mac 版本简体中文10.17 or later