Excel For Mac 2008 How To Filter On A Column

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Hi, everybody,
in my old old old excel 2003 when i was searching for some words in excel sheet ( e.g. in the column) i could choose 'to find all' option. So i saw all the results in the 'find' window. In excel 2008 for Mac i can see search results only one by one not altogether. On microsoft site http://www.microsoft.com/mac/help.mspx?target=f29fa328-7de0-4ef6-a9ea-7c312306dbfe1033&clr=99-1-0&parentid=754f714f-89aa-456f-8c80-6fe9eed594061033&ep=7&CTT=Category&MODE=pv&locale=en-US&usid=eaefd262-55f7-472f-874f-17820d214cef
i couldn`t find tha answer also. Does anyone know how to make it in excel 2008 for mac so i could see all search results in the 'find' window?
How to filter a chart in excel on mac

Here we discuss how to use keyboard shortcut for a filter in excel in different ways along with practical examples and downloadable excel template. To clear filter in a column, follow below steps: Select a cell in the header row and press Alt+Down Arrow to display the filter menu for the column. When you apply a filter to a column, the only filters available for other columns are the values visible in the currently filtered range. Only the first 10,000 unique entries in a list appear in the filter window. Instead of filtering, you can use conditional formatting to make the top or bottom numbers stand out clearly in your data.