Monlam Bodyig 3 For Mac

Oct 27, 2010  豆丁网是面向全球的中文社会化阅读分享平台,拥有商业,教育,研究报告,行业资料,学术论文,认证考试,星座,心理学等数亿实用.
This page is in Tibetan, so I translated the instructions below:
Tashi Delek. Thank you for downloading Monlam Bodyig 3. To install Monlam Bodyig 3 on to your computer, please follow these simple steps. It is much easier than you think.

1. Open the folder called 'Monlam Bodyig 3 for Mac OS X'

2(a). Open the 'Fonts' folder and copy or drag all the fonts in the folder -- except 'Monlam Uni Sans Serif' -- into your computer's Macintosh HDLibraryFonts. If you're confused, just follow the visual illustration below.
2(b). Copy or drag the 'Monlam Uni Sans Serif' font into UserLibraryFonts.

3. Copy or drag all the files in the Keylayouts folder into Macintosh HDLibraryKeyboard Layouts.

4. After completing the above steps, you're pretty much done. Near the top right hand corner of your monitor, you will find an icon of the US flag. Click on that flag and you will see a drop down menu. Click on 'Open Language and Text Preferences.' Then click on 'Input Sources.'

5. Click on 'Input Menu' or 'Input Sources' and check the boxes that say 'Monlam Bodyig 3' and 'སྨོན་ལམ་བོད་ཡིག v3.ML2.' Make sure that the box 'Show input menu in menu bar' is turned on.

6. After completing all the above steps, you're ready to write in Tibetan, whether it is a great article or a terrible poem or a boring tweet. Click on the US flag in the top right corner and select 'Monlam Bod-yig v3.00.' Start writing in Tibetan.

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English subtitles

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Showing Revision 1 created 02/23/2013 by Amara Bot.

  1. how this is an area today we're going to
    look at how to install team will um..
  2. uh.. tibetan family out for keyboard
  3. first-run opened your internet browser
    and type in the search box
  4. google dot com
  5. in the google search body tightly on
    itt_ at the top option with mama i t
  6. dot o_ r_ g_
  7. to open a subliminal
  8. and then the thirty option overridden
    clicking and changing
  9. the bottom of the screen at the fourth
    option and the last option on the right
  10. began
  11. if you're running a windows operating
    system you want to install the
  12. downloader in stopping the download link
    on the left if you have a mac from the
  13. download link on the bright
  14. and then click start downloading
  15. when inflation is complete minimize the
  16. and double click computer from the home
  17. and downloads
  18. file photo and then right click to alarm
  19. run as administrator
  20. after the installation of windows were
    open and click via windows i con button
  21. and then the first icon on the left
  22. and selected the dropdown menu bar
    english in
  23. as the insulation language okay
  24. after the installation click next
  25. and then installed
  26. and then finish it
  27. activity critic he poured i'd come by
  28. quickly keyboard again
  29. opening tci_ rc
  30. and after the installation is complete
  31. committed coz
  32. closed the window would be glad to have
  33. grows back in the bottom
  34. and then start open microsoft word in
  35. to start taking a tibetan select from
    the front drop-down menu unwin model of
  36. the ten font and then a font size
  37. to start typing in tibetan click control
    his shifts
  38. and then to switch back and english
  39. could control shift again
  40. so to alternate between tibet and can
    english typing
  41. click control shifts
  42. if you want to create a shortcut icons
    unleashing home screen openly lump week
  43. help center to desktop
  44. this will create a shortcut icon
  45. uh.. menendez said you of answer any
    questions that you may have about using
  46. the p
  47. milan keyboarding
  48. when you click on the keyboard
    introduction dot and you will find
  49. keyboard layouts
  50. uh.. and this is the tci_ c layout
    that this is the one of two
  51. if you want to print these to use as a
    reference you can select the provide
  52. comfort in the top and you want to make
    sure to print pages
  53. five and six
  54. uh.. and the reason that we use the
    tci_ ceiling while is because it's the
  55. closest to with the actual impressions
    on the talks of a similar to the white a
  56. layout
  57. one other thing is in case you have any
    uh.. problems when you're cooking
  58. control shift in its not switching to
  59. you wanna make sure that you are
  60. keyboard is running in english selected
  61. of the screen you'll see a little
    keyboard icon when you are not windows
  62. home at desktop on screen
  63. and it them when you click on it it'll
    tell you which languages you have
  64. installed as a keyboard on your computer
    since we have another language such as
  65. venturing english or eccentric german
  66. how you want to make sure that it's
    running and english and and then you
  67. could control shifts it will be
    switching into the tibetan inconclusive
  68. two candles each bag can get in touch
  69. links relaxing not this house