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Out now for macOS & Linux


Total War: WARHAMMER II is a strategy game of colossal proportions. Choose from four iconic Races from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and mount a campaign of conquest to save or destroy the New World.

Enjoy hundreds of hours of sophisticated gameplay with a combination of turn-based strategy on the campaign map and immense real-time clashes on the battlefield.

Buy Total War: WARHAMMER for Mac and Linux from the Feral Store. Total War: Warhammer is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game created by Creative Assembly and distributed by Sega for Microsoft Windows by means of the Steam gaming stage. The game was conveyed to macOS and Linux by Feral Interactive.

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Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Shadow & The Blade DLC strikes macOS and Linux

The Shadow & The Blade DLC brings powerful new abilities, mechanics, and military advantages to Total War: WARHAMMER II


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The Old World echoes to the clamour of ceaseless battle.

In Total War: WARHAMMER, Creative Assembly’s Total War series joins with Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The result is a spellbinding game of grand strategy and high fantasy.

In an age of relentless conquest, warring Races battle ceaselessly for control of the Old World. While Orcs and Goblins of the Greenskin tribes hunger for carnage, and Vampire Counts man their armies with the living dead, Dwarfs ascend from their ancient mines to settle old scores, and the Empire of Man seeks to unite its fractured nation.

Build your empire and conquer this world by unleashing your might upon the battlefield, harnessing storms of magical power and taking to the skies with flying creatures.