Mac Cuda Driver Version Is Insufficient For Cuda Runtime Version

I Davinci keeps telling me to quit and install a cuda accelerated GPU.

Status: CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version Traceback (most recent call last): File '', line 24, in modeldlv3 = model.Deeplabv3::: tensorflow.python.framework.errorsimpl.InternalError: Failed to create session. The CUDA runtime version indicates CUDA compatibility (i.e. Version) with respect to the installed cudart (CUDA runtime) library. The CUDA driver version (as reported here) reports the same information with respect to the driver. This relates to the driver compatibility model in CUDA.

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The story:
Once upon a time, I bought a GTX 980 from which came flashed and worked perfectly for about a year for my Mac Pro 5,1. After awhile the new drivers came with bugs. Don't know if there was pressure on Nvidia from Apple or what but the drivers started causing panics in adobe. Trust me I troubleshooted this issue for months. Finally bought a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7950 and when I open resolve it still is in love with CUDA and I need it to know that CUDA has left and is never coming back.
The main issue here is not the message, more so that when I open a project it crashes and when I try to make a new project and import an AAF it crashes. This is not good.
How on earth do I do this?
Davnci 12.5
Mac Pro 5,1
OS 10.10.5
P.S. I already tried installing the CUDA driver this morning to see if that would fix however at that point it told me that it now needed the hardware which since I am sporting an AMD that is not going to happen so I uninstalled and back to square one.
TaylorHey Folks,
I am on B6. Hardware/Drivers are:
2009 Mac Pro flashed to 5,1 but original 2.66 x 2 XEON/24 GB RAM/ Internal OWC PCI SSD.
GTX 1080Ti unflashed or GTX 570 flashed.
MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra.
CUDA driver 396.148 which Nvidia shows to be the latest.
Nvidia web driver 378.05.05.25f10 which Nvidia shows to be the latest.
Mac Cuda Driver Version Is Insufficient For Cuda Runtime VersionResolve sees the cards (I tried them one at a time) but does not allow CUDA use. Resolve will run under OpenCL or Metal. CUDA worked in 14.x and previous 10.12.x .
Log at .. .
Hope y'all having some fun,