How To Install Diablo 2 Mods On Mac

This is a mod pack for Diablo II that brings together the best quality-of-life features I have found to maximize the singleplayer experience.

Before starting the game and finally start playing, you will want to install the latest patch for Diablo II: 1.14d. Usually it can be done by accessing in-game but for some reason it failed in my case because of a corrupted file.

What's Included

  • PlugY - adds shared stash, infinite respec, all runewords.
  • BaseMod - removes singleplayer FPS cap, adds auto gold pickup.
  • LinearMF - removes diminishing returns on magic find %.
  • FontFix - makes 5s look like 5s instead of 6s.
  • NoIntro - skip the intro videos when you boot the game.
  • KeepEquip - keep your equipment when you die.
  • LootFilter - adds the loot filter from Path of Diablo.
  • MultiRes - adds widescreen resolutions to the game.

My Custom Changes

  • Druid

    • Shapeshifting duration increased.
    • Can summon all beasts at same time.
  • 3dxml viewer for mac. Mercenaries

    • Act 1 - Blessed Aim
    • Act 3 - Meditation
    • Act 5 - Might
  • Quivers

    • Arrows and bolts are replenishing.
    • Magic and rare quivers are possible.

How To Install

  • Purchase registration keys from Blizzard.
  • Install Diablo II LOD v1.12 (use this installer, don't downgrade v1.14).
  • Install Patch v1.13d.
  • Install Glide v1.4e.
  • Install PlugY v11.02.
  • Modify the properties of C:/Games/Diablo II/Mod PlugY/PlugY.exe to run as administrator and as Windows XP SP3.
  • Modify the PlugY shortcut to have 'C:/Games/Diablo II/Mod PlugY/PlugY.exe' -3dfx -direct -txt as the target.
  • Download this zipfile and paste into your D2 folder (one at a time, don't mass merge).
  • Download files #1 and #2 and paste into your D2 folder.
  • Play the game.

If you're having errors and the install process didn't work for you, it's probably:

  • You aren't using v1.13d.
  • You tried to downgrade from v1.14, which you can't do.
  • You didn't merge the files properly.

How To Limited Install

If you want to install these mods but you don't want any changes to the actual gameplay (none of the custom game changes), then delete the C:/Games/Diablo II/Mod PlugY/Data/Global/ folder.

How To Uninstall

Delete all the files you merged through this install process and copy the files from _backups and into your C:/Games/Diablo II/ folder.


You can successfully install the game on Mac but you will have to use Wine in order to do it. It's more advanced and requires the use of Terminal. The best tutorial for doing this can be found here.

Keyboard Macros

This game is very clicky and you can quickly develop carpal tunnel syndrome by playing it. To avoid this, I wrote a keyboard macro that lets you hold down spacebar to move and attack.

  • On PC using AutoHotKey, run this script.
  • On Mac using Keyboard Maestro, run this script.

If using the Mac version, you can hit command-d to activate/deactivate the macro. Note that you won't be able to type spaces while these scripts are running, but typing /players8 still works w/ no space.

This makes melee characters a lot easier to play.

Advanced Notes

  • Make sure you don't have the CPU fix installed, as BaseMod already has it.
  • When you first select a widescreen resolution the game will crash, but only the first time.
  • When you first boot the game you will have to click settings to activate the custom loot filter.
  • The loot filter sometimes throws 'invalid stat' errors in chat, but I don't think it breaks anything.
  • There is a StashMod that increases inventory size, but I didn't include it in this pack.
  • You can hold control and left-click items between inventory and stash (HT ubeogesh).

Helpful Links

  • The Arreat Summit - Official guide to playing the game.
  • Holy Grail Tracker - Keep track of your items as you find them.
  • Tankazon's Rune Wizard - See what runewords you can make.
  • Tomb of Knowledge - A fan website w/ helpful information about the game.
  • Reddit Community - A Reddit forum for the fans of D2.
  • Bugs List - A list of all the bugs in the game.

Be sure to also checkout my advice on how to properly organize your PlugY stash.


  • PlugY by Yohann Nicolas.
  • BaseMod by devurandom.
  • LinearMF by devurandom.
  • FontFix by SnakeByteStudios.
  • NoIntro by SnakeByteStudios.
  • KeepEquip by SnakeByteStudios.
  • LootFilter by Path of Diablo.
  • MultiRes by SlashDiablo.

The Sin War mod is compatible with D2SE, but due to the lack of a few key files, mod-manager can't identify version and display on lists. Here are two solutions:

(1) Disguise as vanilla patch 1.13d/1.14

It is the easiest way and actually the same as installation instructions in readme file. After copying all files to Diablo 2 directory and overwriting, launch D2SE and click on the upper right button 'Start D2' to enter mod.

Characters are not saved separately, and there is no mod information. This solution is too simple to suit a player with numerous mods.

(2) Install customized D2SE mod-plugin

The Sin War 3.35 plugin

Almost perfect for D2SE users, so to speak. Before dealing with mod-plugin, you must have downloaded mod installation pack in which some files are required in new destination folder, and then follow the steps below:


1. Download and extract mod-plugin file. You will get a subfolder named 'The Sin War'.
2. Copy 'The Sin War' subfolder to 'MODS' folder in Diablo 2 directory.
3. Copy Patch_D2.mpq and PlugY.dll to 'The Sin War' subfolder. (The original Patch_D2.mpq can be restored from backups if it has been overwritten.)

4. Copy remaining files in installation pack to Diablo 2 directory and overwrite. (Ignore this step if you have done it.)
5. Launch D2SE and The Sin War mod banner appears at the bottom of lists.

Note that D2SE mod-plugin can't work with extra language files. The first solution is the only choice if you want to change language by adding custom mpq file (like d2delta.mpq for Chinese in the mod pack).

There is another point for players of HD edition. Crazy visual lag (massive fps drop) as a result of high resolution over 1024*768 can be fixed by running the game in windowed mode which is not yet allowed in default display option of Direct3D, and so you have to choose DirectDraw instead. Actually it doesn't make much difference to graphics or visible boost, because Diablo 2 is tuned for 3dfx Glide. If you have never encountered the problem of low fps, however, Direct3D with perspective mode creates the illusion of area depth and has better performance of lighting/shadow in most cases.