Video Copilot Pro Scores Mac Torrent

Pro Shaders 2. Motion Design 3. Projectile Weapons 4. Sound & Music 5. Money & Casino 7. Fresh Food These are the original add-on packs straight from Video Copilot and with Spider's new crack which works for Element 3D and the add-on packs. This is the latest version of the crack from Spider (newer than in the Torrent) released 09.

Ready-Layered Music: In addition to fully mixed and mastered Epic Music, Pro Scores also includes layered versions of the Massive & Action tracks so you have total control over what layers come in and when. We split the tracks in to functional mixes such as Percussions, Orchestra and Choirs so you get great results fast without having to sacrifice quality.
5 Music Styles: Choose from 5 versatile categories of Music such as Inspirational, Massive, Percussion, Suspense and Action. Having access to so many styles will allow you to create contrast between scenes and build spectacular Trailers and Promos.
Advanced Training & Tutorials: Pro Scores offers 85 minutes of powerful learning tips and tricks for mixing as well as a in-depth lesson in After Effects and expressions. Check out the complete list here.
Template Scores: Get started right away with our fully orchestrated music and sound design elements or tryout one of 5 great pre-build scores. These scores demonstrate the possibilities of using different tracks in combination with the sound design elements to create cutting edge soundtracks.

  • Audio Format: WAV, 24bit, 44,100 hz
  • Compatible with: After Effects, Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut Pro & most audio editing application.

This pack contains the following tutorials:

  • Basic Training
  • Pro Scores
  • Simple one project tutorials which are projects shorts from the site

What is Pro Scores?

  • Pro Scores is a massive toolkit of professionally composed music and sound elements for creating powerful soundtracks and scores. Pro Scores makes it easy to create hard-hitting music for promos, trailers and even film. Our collection includes tons of Layered Music Tracks that can be customized to build tension or split apart to build original tracks. You also get access to unbelievable music design elements inspired by popular motion pictures and television.
  • Basic Training is the intro course to helping you understand After Effects and all that can be done with it (including using these project files to create awesome Special Effects).


01. Basic Sky Replacement

02. Deinterlacing in AE

03. Old-Film Effect

04. Introduction to After Effects

05. Camera Shake with the Wiggler

06. 3D Compositing Basics

07. Advanced Blemish Removal

08. Text Blur Title Effect

09. Speed Up After Effects with Proxies

10. Basic Color Keying

11. Introduction to HDRI & 32bpc

12. Fast & Elegant SlideShows

13. Assisted Suicide

14. Simple Bleach Bypass

15. Simulating Depth of Field

16. Creating a Flip-Book Effect

17. 3D Reflections in After Effects

18. Light Streaks

19. Frame Rate Converter

20. Light Sabers Version 1 & Version 2

21. Simulated Light Effects

22. Fun with Ink Spatter

23. Moving 3D Lines

24. Blood Splattering on a Tree!

25. Light Streaks Again?!

26. EarthQuake Control in 32bpc!

27. Create a Cool 3D Room with nice title!

28. Animate Realistic Gun Blow Back

29. 300-like Speed Ramps & More!

30. 3D Stroke Effect with no Plug-in

31. 3D Reflections with Refraction!

32. Create a 3D Ocean

33. Graffiti Writing

34. Fly By Titles

35. Jumpy Text

36. Time Freeze

37. 3D Camera Projection

38. 3D Camera Projection 2

39. 3D Vanishing Point

40. Earth Zoom

41. The Blue Planet

42. Advanced Sky Replacement

43. Demon Face Warp

44. Day to Night Conversion

45. Set Extensions

46. Virtual 3D Photos

47. Audio to Animation

47.5. 3D Text in 3DS Max

47.6. 3D Titles in Cinema 4D!

48. P1, P2, P3. Medical Zoom 01-03

48. P4. Riot Gear Promo Title

49. Magic Glass

50. Skin Displacement

51. Evolution Preview

52. Dead Planet

53. Planet Explosion

54. Advanced Camera Tips

55. Eye Replacement

56. 3D Eyeball

57. Water Drops

58. Fancy Title Plate

59. Frosty Breath

60. The Healer

61. Growing 3D Vines

62. Gnubg for mac. Colorful Universe

63. Smoke Screen

64. Stabilize Shaky Footage

65. AE Bump Maps

66. 3D Sparks Title

67. Advanced Car Hit

68. Energy

69. 3D Offset

70. Speed Particles

71. 3D Shadows

72. Meteor Crash 3D p1

73. Meteor Crash AE p2

74. 3D-Crater p1 (Boujou)

75. 3D-Crater p2 (3DS MAX)

76. 3D-Crater p3 (AE)

77. Soul Removal

78. Energy Wipe

79. Organic Mesh in 3D Max

80. 3D Falloff

81. Spin Orbs

82. Energetic Titles

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83. Presets & More

84. Futuristic HUD

85. The Ring

86. Fracture Design

87. 3D City

88. Disintegration

89. Soft Shadows 3Dmax

90. Ancient Titles

91. DVD Authoring

92. Blueprint Reveal

93. 3D Light Casting

94. Particle Explosion

95. Scene Re-Lighting

96. Submerged

97. Lightning Strike

97_P2. Lightning Explosion Part 2

98. Reflection Plug-in

99. Dynamic Bar Graphs

100. Glass Orbs

101. Sure Target 2

102. Smoke Trails

103. 3D Ball Dispersion

104. Shatterize

105. 3D Ledge

106. Animating a Still

107. Green Smoke

108. Particle Shadows

109. Advanced Time Freeze

110. Depth Charge

111. Blast Wave

112. Magic Tracking

113. Light Glow

114. Stroke FX

115. Galactic Orb

116. Procedural Crumble

117. Trim Compose Script

118. 3D Set Extensions

119. Demon Cam: Inside Look

120. The Portal

121. Advanced Soft Keying

122. Epic Shatter

123. Dynamic Machine Gun

124. Magical Hits

125. Grenade Throw

126. Mid-Air Emergency!

127. The Jungle

128. Element Animation Engine

129. Biohazard Logo

130. 3D Replicator

131. 3D Truck Composite

132. Alien Surface

133. Depth Compositing

134. Screen Animations

135. Simulated Scopes

136. Metro City

137. Explosive Training!

138. Simple Car Rig

139. Translucent Glass

140. Sub Surface Skin

141. Typewriter Keys Logo

142. BTS: Star Trek Titles

143. Advanced Spin FX

144. Flight Control

145. Missile Launch!