Transfer Office For Mac 2011 To New Owner

How can I recover my MS Office 2011 product key? Ask Question. I want to use Migration Assistant to transfer my data from a Macbook Pro to a Macbook Air. I'm told that I need my product key for MS Office 2011. Is there a way to find my product key on my mac? What is the best way to move Microsoft Office 2011 to a new Mac? Sep 11, 2014  Hi guys, So I recently decided to upgrade to a newer model of my Macbook. As we all know, Apple have had to remove the CD/DVD drive in order to make the new models thinner and lighter, and so now I can't install Microsoft Office 2011 from the disk that was used to. How to delete an empty page in word for mac.

1. How to Move Microsoft Office to Another Drive
2. How to Transfer Microsoft Office to Another Computer

Can I Move My Programs to Another Drive

Yes, you can. You can easily transfer your programs to another drive or another PC easily and quickly with the help of professional PC transfer software. In fact, many people are looking for ways to migrate Steam games, Microsoft Office, and Adobe to another drive to save their space.

Case 1. 'Hello, I want to move my current installation of Microsoft Office 2016 from its current location in drive C. Now I want to move it to another hard drive partition within my computer. How can I do this without losing the Office suite? I would appreciate any simple steps or methods you have. Thanks a lot.'

Case 2. 'I have a cheap Win 8.1 laptop with a 64GB C: drive. I am running out of space. The laptop has a D: drive with plenty of space. Can I move the Microsoft Office 2010 to my D: drive?'

Case 3. 'I recently purchased a new Toshiba 2TB hard drive and would like to know what is the best way to transfer programs from my old hard drive to my new one. I do not want to migrate the whole disk I just want to transfer certain programs. Is there a utility you can recommend or can I just do a simple drag and drop? I got mostly games, movies, MS office, and virus software I want to transfer.'

If you are one of them, you can solve your problem easily with tried-and-true solutions. The only way to safely move Microsoft Office to another drive is to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Only this software can do you a favor.

Why EaseUS Todo PCTrans Is Your Best Choice

If your programs are installed by default, Apps & Features in Windows Settings can help you transfer some installed programs from C drive to another drive. For example, you can move Windows store games to another drive.

However, most programs are not installed by default, you cannot use Apps & Features to help you. As the picture shows below, you cannot change the installation location of Microsoft Office, as the 'Move' option is not available.

Then, what can you do to move Microsoft Office to another drive when your C: drive gets full or you have a new hard drive? You can't get help by simply copying and pasting the programs neither. At this time, what you need most is EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This reliable and effective PC transfer software helps transfer your data, applications, and account settings from one PC to another in one click. It takes all stuff to a new PC or another dive. This software has many fantastic features:

  • It can transfer user's account settings, user data, personalization & power settings from one PC to another or from the previous OS to a new OS after Windows in-place upgrade.
  • It also works well in transferring selected applications & data from one PC to another or from the previous OS to a new OS after Windows in-place upgrade.
  • It transfers data/apps from Windows XP/7/8 to Windows 10. Transfer applications between local disks.

How to Move Microsoft Office to Another Drive

Now that you have known that this Microsoft Office mover can help you change the installation location, you can download EaseUS PC transfer software and follow the steps below to move MS office to another place.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

  • Download and install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your computer.
  • Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and go to 'App Migration' > 'Start'.

Step 2. Select Microsoft Office and the target drive.

  • Click the drive on which you have installed Microsoft Office and check the application.
  • Click 'Browse' and choose the drive you want to transfer the application to.
  • Click 'Transfer' to start transferring Microsoft Office to another drive on your computer.

Step 3. Wait for the process to finish.

  • The time spent depends on the size of the application(s) you attempt to finish. Thus, wait patiently for the process to complete.
  • When it has done, click 'OK'.

How Do I Transfer Microsoft Office 2016 to Another Computer

As I have mentioned above, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can not only move Microsoft Office 2016/2013/2010 between local disks, it can also transfer Microsoft to another PC. All you need is EaseUS Todo PCTrans - fast and efficient data transfer software. Download it and transfer Microsoft Office from one PC to another.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and select the transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect the source PC and the target PC.

Step 3. Select Office to transfer.

Step 4. Transfer Microsoft Office to another PC.

After the transfer, deactivate the office on the old computer (maybe you have to uninstall), activate the MS office again on the new computer with the key.


With the help of EaseUS PC transfer software, you cannot only change Microsoft installation location but also migrate Microsoft to a new PC or laptop. If you want to move other programs like Origin games, Photoshop, antivirus software and more, you can also use this software.