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In this video review, we take a close look at XTRAX STEMS, a new automatic stem creator software created by the audio separation wizards at Audionamix. XTRAX STEMS is a standalone Mac application that produces individual Drum, Music and Vocal audio stems from mixed and mastered music.

Main Features

  • Automatically Separate Songs into Drums, Vocals and Music Stems
  • Export Individual Stems as Audio Files
  • Create and Export a New Volume and Pan Mix
  • Works on Mono and Stereo Files
  • Works on audio files up to 96 kHz, 32 bits
  • Offers four powerful cloud-based separation algorithms to tailor the separation to your particular file
  • Mac-Only (Mac OS X 10.11 – 10.13)
  • Requires High-Speed Internet Connection

Audionamix claim XTRAX STEMS is the world’s first fully-automatic stem creator that can be very useful for DJs, music producers and remix artists. XTRAX STEMS enables users to quickly create multitrack content which can open up countless creative possibilities for remixing and sampling. Watch the video review to hear XTRAX STEMS in action across three very different examples.

TRAX and TRAX Pro SP build on the foundation of the award-winning software, ADX TRAX, to offer the first full-feature, automated speech separation software. Separate, isolate and remove speech, dialogue, vocals, and melodies from full mono or stereo mixes. TRAX and TRAX Pro SP automatically detect and separate speech, allowing you to extract or remove dialogue from background elements.

Outside of obvious remix applications, XTRAX STEMS can also be used by musicians as a practice tool. Singers and drummers can use XTRAX STEMS to mute instrumentation in order to play along with their favourite songs. Users can also listen to soloed vocal or drum parts to listen closely to fine detail in performances.

Pricing & Download

XTRAX STEMS is available to purchase from the Audionamix website for $99. Sadly, XTRAX STEMS isn't available to demo, however, this is by far the most affordable product in the Audionamix plug-in/application range.

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Visit the Audionamix website for more information.