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Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.4 MAS Mac OS X
Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic to date. Modern interface integrates sophisticated tools that allow tasks composition, editing and mixing professionally; Its design is geared to get creative results quickly and provide more power when needed. Logic Pro X includes a large collection of instruments, effects and loops: A complete toolkit to create music with amazing sound.

Powerful interface
• Consolidate and control multiple tracks, or create layers enriched with Track Stacks instruments.
• Smart Controls allows you to manipulate multiple modules and parameters with a single action.
• The auto copy function protects your work.
• The 64 – bit architecture supports large projects containing hundreds of tracks and sampled instruments.

Apple SoundTrack Pro 3.0.1 Mac OSX.rar.

Professional music production
• Arrange the detuned voices and change the recorded audio melody with Flex Pitch.
• Easily manipulate the timing and tempo of any recording with Flex Time.
• Organize in folders take shots quickly and create compilations “Compiling sliding fast.”
• Create and mix music from anywhere in the room with Logic Remote on the iPad.
• Produce basic notations or simple orchestral scores with scores integrated editor.
• Create and edit MIDI through a comprehensive set of editors and tools. Sml-mode in emacs for mac.

Battery production
• Use Drummer a virtual session musician and producer of rhythms, to create authentic acoustic tracks, electronic or hip hop drums.
• Choose one of the 28 drummers who can keep their style and touch millions of unique rhythms.
• Create your own acoustic drum with Drum Kit Designer, which offers a varied collection of cases sampled, toms, bass drums, charles and professionally mixed dishes.
• Customize the sound of your electronic rhythms with Drum Machine Designer.

Keyboards and synthesizers
• Be inspired by a collection of synthesizers that provides analog synthesis, wavetable, FM, additive, granular, spectral and modeling.
• Find sounds quickly or create your own with Alchemy, the ultimate synthesizer for handling samples.
• Touch or create a variety of instruments sampled with EXS24 sampler.
• Make a simple chord in a fantastic performance when the arpeggiator.
• Create classic synthesizer tracks the seventies and eighties with Retro Synth.
• Touch excellent imitations of older keyboards with Vintage B3, Vintage Electric Piano and Vintage Clav.

Guitar and bass
• Create your own team of guitar or bass with Amp Designer, which provides amplifiers, boxes and microphones both modern and ancient.
• Design a custom pedal from a collection of stompboxes delay, distortion and modulation.

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Production and creative effects
• Play your sounds in realistic acoustic spaces with convolution reverb Space Designer.
• Use different effects multiple delay lines, vintage tape delay and stereo delay.

Sound Library
• More than 1800 patches of instruments and effects.
• More than 750 meticulously sampled instruments.
• 4600 Apple Loops in modern urban and electronic genres.

• Expand your library of instruments and effects with any module compatible with third – party Audio Units.
• Import and export XML to work with workflows Final Cut Pro X.
• Export and share your songs directly to SoundCloud.
• Open projects from Logic version 5 or later.

Version 10.4.1:
• Fixes an issue that could cause the app is closed to open projects created in an earlier version.
• Successfully installed module settings Step FX, FX Phat, ChromaVerb and collection of vintage equalizers.
• Logic no longer quits unexpectedly when you press the play button after copying another track automation.
• Resolves an issue that could cause ChromaVerb peaks unexpected CPU usage.
• Now zoom keyboard commands work as expected in the audio file editor.
• Clicking Control – key on a note on the keyboard editor, selection of other notes are not canceled.

version 10.4
Intelligent Tempo
• The tempo detection allows you to automatically combine advanced content, regardless of the original tempo.
• Record audio without using clicks or drag an audio file to define the project tempo with the interpretation.
• Add audio files of any type and adapt to project tempo automatically.

• ChromaVerb is a new sophisticated algorithmic reverb with an interactive and full of color to create great – sounding acoustic spaces interface.
• Space Designer is a convolution reverb with a new design and a resizable Retina interface.
• Step FX adds a multi – effect processing with three powerful rhythmic step sequencers and an X / Y button.
• Phat FX offers nine effects that allow the tracks to provide broader and energetic sounds adding warmth and strength.
• The Vintage EQ collection provides three models of classic analog equalizers precision of the decades of the fifties and seventies.
• Studio Studio Strings and Horns are realistic orchestral instruments with high quality samples with custom controls joint.
• Mellotron is now available as a module separate instruments.
• Retro Synth now offers 18 models of different filters.


• 2 new Drummers sounding with styles inspired by folk and jazz.
• 2 sets of brushes classic Drum Kit Designer.
• More than 800 new instruments and loops in various genres.
• New Visions Alchemy library to add 150 film presets.

More features
• You can now undo the actions of the mixers and modules.
• Now the file browser lets you mark your favorite locations samples folders or projects.
• Now, in addition to Apple Loops, the loop browser supports loop playback of an audio file and can preview it in sync with the project tempo.
• A new universal design to control joints provides a uniform interface for instruments Logic and third.

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