Citrix Receiver For Mac Save File To Desktop

So, I'm not quite sure what I'm logging in to here.. I have to reach a server that's on someone else's network occasionally to maintain a hosted website. I'm primarily a Mac user but I have windows in a VM for this sort of stuff when necessary. But I'm always looking for a native alternative. My understanding is that some portion of this VPN setup is OS-X compatible, but I'm at a loss here as to which pieces of this setup are running where. On the windows side, once connected I select the 'Dame Ware' mini remote and that prompts me to download an .ica file, which I run. That, in turn seems to start some type of RDP session to a host, which in turn gives me a remote desktop where the DameWare client is forced to run. From Dame Ware, I'm then into the host I'm actually managing.
Pics of the process below.. Any tips on whether I can skip my windows VM? Of note, when I login to the Netscaler on OS-X and get to the section where I select the Dame Ware app, instead of being prompted for an .ica file, a .jsp file is downloaded. No clue why or what is supposed to then open the .jsp file. The only thing associated with jsp files on my end is my text editor.

This is a known issue and 32-bit cursors are being investigated as part of the product road maps for Citrix Receiver for Mac. Cursors that employ shadow effects for example are classed as 32-bit cursors and not currently supported by Receiver for Mac. Remote desktop connection client for mac 2.1.1 download. To copy files from your Citrix Session to your Local PC/Desktop, follow these steps: 1.Citrix Workspace was previously named Citrix Receiver.