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'I'm thinking to migrate Windows 10 OS from SSD to M.2 SSD which I newly bought. But I've never done this, need some suggestion about how to safely and quickly migrate OS to M.2 SSD. Any idea I'd love to hear.'

Samsung's M.2 Solid State Drive is always the first choice for people who decide to upgrade hard drive to M.2 SSD makes the system boot faster with little delay in loading. To experience an instant responding to Windows, it's time to change your clumsy hard disk drive to this most selected M.2 SSD.

Installing M.2 SSD as a boot drive, if you feel reluctant to reinstall Windows operating system or install Windows from scratch, use a powerful disk clone software to install SSD in your laptop without reinstalling Windows. EaseUS Todo Backup, as the file backup software and HDD/SSD to SSD clone software, can help transfer Windows OS from one drive to M.2 SSD without a hitch.

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How to Migrate OS to M.2 SSD with M.2 SSD Cloner

Also used as Samsung data migration software, EaseUS Todo Backup migrates OS to M.2 SSD by its clone feature. To make full use of this M.2 SSD cloner and ensure a safe & successful system transfer between the hard disk to M.2 SSD, there are some tips you need to notice.

  • If the source disk contains the system partition, please shut down the computer after the clone.
  • To remove either the source disk or destination disk from the computer to make the computer boot normally if the source disk contains boot partition.
  • If you want to boot from the destination disk, we recommend you to replace the source disk with the destination disk.
  • If the computer fails to boot from the destination disk after the clone, we suggest you clone the source disk to another disk with the same HDD interface.
  • If you choose to clone a hidden partition, the cloned one will be unhidden.

Video Tutorial for OS to M.2 SS migration

Steps to migrate OS to M.2 SSD

User Attention:

  • If you are trying to clone Windows 7 to a new SSD or HDD disk, remember to empty the disk in advance.
  • The storage device - the target drive must have enough space (larger than the system disk).

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click 'System Clone'. The current system (Windows 7) partition and boot partition will be automatically selected.

Step 2. Choose the target drive - It could be a hard drive or an SSD.

Step 3. Click 'Proceed' to start cloning Windows 7.

After the process is completed, please reboot your computer to your target drive.