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Developed ByCambridge University Press (US-British)18th of December, 2017. (100% Clean – Tested).

Download the latest Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for Windows PC and keep your vocabulary and pronunciation updated by using the smart thesaurus.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: Product’s Preview:

Technical Details
. Nomenclature:Cambridge ALD.
. Genre: Dictionaries.
. Updated On: 18th Of December, 2017.
. Developer:Dictionary.Cambridge.Org
. Version: 3rd Edition.
. Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
. Operating System: Windows 10/8/7.
. License: Freeware.
. Setup Size: 414 MB.

Time to stop stressing your brain unnecessarily and get learning and writing heuristic for yourself by making use of a newly overhauled edition of Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Those days had passed when people go around with a big compilation of different English words with their meanings, synonyms, various examples and the antonyms. Well, now you can have all that colossal vocabulary in your pocket and pull it out whenever is needed! Yeah, that’s the world we now live in. As fascinating as that sounds, it is also vital to consider which type of dictionary you want to have installed on your devices.
According to Cambridge University Press, with over 130,000 words, expressions, examples, significances, American and British English word pronunciations, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (CALD) are depended on by oodles of English scholars all over the world. Flabbergasted? All dictionary entry has synonym finder (thesaurus) sections that bring into the show, interrelated words, expressions (phrases) and synonyms for each significance, serving as a helping hand for the user to improve and take their English Knowledge to another level of proficient English speaking and writing.
Abreast by the Cambridge International Corpus (CIC), CALD is a paragon for BEC, IELTS and Cambridge English, especially for a first, advanced and technique test preparation. CAL dictionary has many outstanding features, for instance, it foregrounds the word “friends” (juxtapositions) and gives boxes for “Other ways you can say it.” Well, the purpose of the function as mentioned earlier is to allow learners to use language in the right context and idiomatically while building up their vocabulary muscle. It also betokens common errors committed by leaners, for example, “She needs some advice, She needs a piece of advice, To make advice, better to say pieces of advice.”

  • No Internet Connection Required.
  • Easy To Go With.
  • American & British Articulation.
  • Up-to-Date Vocabulary.
  • Simple & Practical Definitions.
  • No Scanner For Entire Article
  • Interface Required Improvements.

What Else Has Got Covered?

As the Cambridge University Press has spoken, one of the superlative advantages of CALD over other hundreds English Dictionaries is the short, clear, practical and straightforward word definitions entry. The mentioned feature is an entirely smarter method because it speeds up the process of that particular new word stick to one’s mind. The most adopted and admired function over the years, stood as the “Exercises” section where the students and mentors are supposed to practice the model verbs, word patterns, countability and problem verbs, etc. The retooled and updated version of CD-ROM is peculiarly made for advanced students, giving them a new and exhilarating way to study English and master their grammar skills. The CD-ROM version contains over 1,500 new words with their meanings, 90,000 examples, 62,000 references, 1,700 words illustrated, 65,000 definitions, 11,600 idioms, and phrasal verbs. The edition is grounded on the compounded resources of the esteemed British National Corpus and Oxford’s own much-admired language research program, making a more representative picture of the spoken and written English available for students in order to get accommodated by today’s world.


Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: Product’s Salient Features:

The product’s features are grouped into three sections; Search, Learning and Interface linaments.

  1. Cambridge Advanced Learning Dictionary has the ability to comprehend and look for a word from any grammatical form.
  2. Similar Words Search – handy when you misspell a word in the course of searching for the meaning.
  3. Full-Text Search – Search words all through the entire dictionary content, including headwords and usage instances.
  4. Copy words from other applications and select ‘Look up clipboard’ in the dictionary to know the meanings of the words one after the other.
  5. Wildcard Search – make use of “*” and “?” symbols to interchange letters if you’re not sure of the correct spelling.
  6. iOS Share – hand-pick any word on websites or emails and ask CALD to get you the definitions of the words.
  7. Anagram Search (e.g., tab-bat) – tap on the word in an article to see its meaning.
    Learning Features:
  8. The nifty Thesaurus lineament offers user interrelated words and phrases for every definition and not just the synonyms.
  9. Flash Card Quiz – for the user to memorize a new word quickly.
  10. Tricky Words – User can speedily access regularly checked/searched words.
  11. American and British English audio articulations, recorded by English native speakers.
  12. Search History – for users to revise searches recently made.
  13. Table of English asymmetrical verbs makes available a handy reference resource
    Interface Features:
  14. Tailor-made animated menus and choose ducky color as the background.
  15. Does not require an Internet connection.
  16. Increase or reduce font size as you want.
  17. Pen-reader bilingual calligraphy recognition support.

Our Suggestion & Verdict About Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:


CALD is basically serving as a platform that is of great utility for students, teachers and other vocabulary enthusiasts. The interface is quite simple and is easy to go with, while the search bar is exceptionally efficient and is responsive to bring the desired word or the query just within a blink of an eye. The voice pronunciation in UK or US sound’s (accent) is a most admired feature, over the time. Further, the advanced search options are there, where one can customize the search as per the requirement to bring out the extract for any phrases, idioms, definitions, example, headwords and phrasal verbs. Hence the application is one amongst “must have” software list for a learner and not having CALD installed on your system seems merely eccentric.

How To Download Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:

Offline setup installer for Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is provided below, which is suitable for both 32 and 64-bit (Windows Based) system architectures

Setup Installer For CALD

In this day and age, pretty much everything is connected to the internet. We have reached such a phase that life without the internet seems almost impossible. But how foolproof is it? Disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and you'll soon realize that almost all the apps in your Windows 10 PC and your phone are unusable, even the humble dictionary.

For me, the first go-to place to find the word meanings and spellings is Google. All it took was a long flight to make me realize that keeping an offline dictionary is perhaps a better and a guaranteed idea.

In this post today, we have compiled a list of four offline dictionary apps for Windows 10 PCs that would definitely help you during your no-internet days.

Let's take a look.

1. WordWeb

The first entry in our list is WordWeb. A well-known name in the dictionary world, this app has over 85,000+ meanings of words and phrases. WordWeb not only lets you find the meanings of words, you can also check out synonyms, related words, and parts of speech.

The results are displayed quickly and it also supports a variety of languages including American and British English.

What's more, WordWeb also has an offline and online reference system wherein you can further research on the said word. However, you have to download the reference dictionaries to get a complete, immersive offline experience.

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Also, there's a bookmark feature which lets you revisit certain words later. The app just measures 81.89 MB. The only issue that you may have is the slightly dated design.

Download WordWeb

2. Advanced English Dictionary

Next on our list is the Advanced English Dictionary with more than 400,000-word entries. This app has a modern interface, a plus point compared to WordWeb. Along with meanings, it also lets you look up the audio pronunciation and etymology.

Other than that, it displays a long list of word relations. The part where it differs from WordWeb is that it shows the word suggestions automatically as you type.

So, all you need to do is use the Up and Down arrows to browse through the words. The feature which I love the most is the Clipboard Search. It copies the entire contents of your clipboard to the search bar and displays the meaning. Cool, right?

Overall, the design is clever and similar to WordWeb, you can bookmark certain words.

Download Advanced English DictionaryPro Tip: Did you know that Cortana also doubles up as a dictionary. Just type Define followed by the word and the results will be instantly displayed. The only catch is that you'd need an active internet connection.

3. Perfect Dictionary

Up next is the Perfect Dictionary. It's concise and has a bit different approach from the other apps. You'd need to download the dictionaries first, post which it'll let you search for words offline.

Perfect Dictionary plays between the free and the paid world. While the basic dictionaries like acronyms and idioms are free, you'd have to pay to get the premium dictionaries like Collins, Cambridge or MacMillan.

Another point of difference is that this app has an ad box at the bottom-right corner and it can be quite distracting. Coming to the interface, it's modern and all the sections are kept segregated.

Similar to the above apps, you can mark favorite words and the dictionary also shows word suggestions as you type.

Additional features include checking out the audio pronunciations, copy the searched word to the clipboard, among others. Final cut pro 10.3 download. Other than that, you can change the theme and change the default language of the app.

Download Perfect Dictionary

4. English Dictionary - Offline

Well, the name pretty much sums it all. English Dictionary is similar to the above apps. Here, you needn't download any extra dictionaries to find the meanings of words. Everything's included in the initial package that you download.

Apart from meanings, audio pronunciations and the auto-suggest feature, English Dictionary also has a clever feature named Today.

It features a couple of new words every day and even sends you notifications of the 'Word of the Day'. So, if you're looking to expand your vocabulary or you are someone who loves learning new words every day, you may find this feature useful.

The app is free to download from the Microsoft store. My only gripe about this handy app is that there's a row of ads at the bottom. However, you can remove them by upgrading it to the Premium version.

Download English Dictionary

Learn as if You Were to Live Forever

Learning is a never-ending activity and a dictionary always makes the process easier. Plus, with features like Word of the Day, it's incredibly easy to expand your language skills.

In a nutshell, they are valuable learning tools. So, it's better to have at least one app as a standby, lest the internet decides to play hide and seek.

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