Teamviewer For Mac 10.10.2

TeamViewer is a popular multi-platform remote desktop solution that makes it possible to effortlessly establish incoming and outgoing remote.

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The reality with most multi-platform software solutions is that, concentrating on the Mac version of your software is a requirement, but ultimately is only appeasing a fraction of your total user base. Still, Mac users to tend to let their voices be heard when it comes to reporting software bugs or inequalities between the Mac and PC versions of software.

New Features for Mac in TeamViewer 10

TeamViewer has listened to the Mac community and with TeamViewer 10 has included many new features. Plus, by leveraging a new feature within Mac OS X Yosemite, TeamViewer 10 specifically adds one great new feature to the Mac user experience.

TeamViewer Toolbar for Mac OS X Yosemite

The biggest change is seen in the remote control session window. With TeamViewer 10 on Yosemite, the TeamViewer toolbar is now placed in the top of the session window. This makes it easier to access the menus that may be hidden underneath it.

Customize TeamViewer QuickJoin for Mac

With TeamViewer 10 you can also now create customized QuickJoin and Host modules for Mac. Plus, a full-featured whiteboard is now available in both meetings and remote control sessions.

Application Selection for Mac

Another great new feature on the Mac version of TeamViewer 10 is the ability to select specific apps to screen share during meetings. This means that you don’t have to share your entire screen, but only a specific program that’s running, say PowerPoint for example.

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll love TeamViewer 10. Kinovea video analysis for mac. Give it a try today.