How To Unsubscribe To Microsoft For Mac

Install Office for Mac now Office 365 customers get the new Office for Mac first. You’ll have Office applications on your Mac or PC, apps on tablets and smartphones for when you're on the go, and Office Online on the web for everywhere in between. How to Cancel Microsoft Office on PC or Mac. This wikiHow teaches you how to turn off the automatic subscription renewal feature on your Microsoft Office 365 account, using an internet browser. When this option is turned off, you can still.

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This document explains how to subscribe to (or 'access') an account in Outlook for Mac. If you have only been granted permissions to a specific calendar or email folder of another account, use the following instructions instead: User or Service Account Resource Account.


  • You must have full mailbox permissions to the account you are attempting to subscribe to.
  • If you are linked to a NetID or Service account, you are automatically provided full mailbox permissions and send-as permissions to the account.
  • If you are set as the owner of a resource account, you are granted full mailbox permissions.
  • If you know the account's credentials, use these instructions to add another account to your Outlook configuration.
  • Adding/subscribing to an account
      1. Start Outlook.
      2. Select the Tools menu and then select Accounts.. from the sub-menu.
      3. From the 'Accounts' window make sure your Office 365 account is selected in the left-hand pane and click the Advanced.. button.
      4. Within the next window select the delegates tab.
      5. In the bottom box titled Open these additional mailboxes click on the + icon.
      6. On the 'Select User' window enter the email address or the name of the account you are searching for and click Find.

        If you do not see the account you're looking for in this list, it may not be a searchable address in the Global Address List. For instructions, please refer to our documentation here.

      7. Select the account in the search results and then click OK/Add.
      8. It should return you back to the delegate account listing page and the account listed in the 'Open these additional mailboxes' box. Click OK.
      9. Close the 'Accounts' window.
      10. Within a few minutes, the account should appear in your mail/calendar folder pane. Note: If the account does not appear, please restart Outlook.

      Note: You are now able to manage permissions for the calendar of this account.

  • Removing/unsubscribing from an account
      1. Start Outlook.
      2. Select the Tools menu and then select Accounts.. from the sub-menu.
      3. From the 'Accounts' window make sure your Office 365 account is selected in the left-hand pane and click the Advanced.. button.
      4. Within the next window select the delegates tab.
      5. Select the account you want to remove within the box titled People I am a delegate for and click on the - icon.
      6. Click OK.
      7. Close the 'Accounts' window.

        Note: If the account is not removed, please restart Outlook.

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How to Cancel Your Microsoft Office 365 SubscriptionSign InUnsubscribe

Don't use Office 365 much anymore? Here's how to get rid of your subscription.

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You've been a faithful subscriber to Microsoft Office 365, but now you feel it's time to pull the plug. Maybe you're content with the free version of Office Online or even its chief rival, Google Docs. Or maybe you simply don't need Word, Excel, or the other apps in the suite any longer.

How can you put the kibosh on your subscription? The steps for cancelling your Office 365 subscription differ based on whether you're still in the free 30-day trial phase or already are in the midst of your paid subscription.

First, Office 365 is essentially the same product as the regular version of Office 2016. The only difference is that you pay for Office 365 on an annual or monthly subscription basis, while you pay for Office 2016 on a one-time basis just like in the old days. To keep Office 365 alive, you need to continue paying that annual or monthly fee, otherwise your subscription goes kaput. With the regular version of Office 2016, you can use the product as long as you like. For the subscription fee for Office 365, however, you always get the latest version of Office. And depending on your subscription, you can use the software on more than one PC or device.

Home users can choose Office 365 Personal for $69.99 per year ($6.99 per month) or Office 365 Home for $99.99 per year ($9.99 per month). With Office 365 Personal, you can use the suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access) on one PC or Mac, on one phone, and on one tablet. With Office 365 Home, you can use the software on up to five PCs or Macs, five phones, and five tablets. You can try out the Home edition for one month for free. After your free trial, you're then billed monthly or annually.

That's great, but maybe you've tried Office 365 and no longer want it. If you're still in the trial phase, you can easily cancel it so it won't automatically renew at the end of the 30 days. If you're in the middle of a subscription for which you've already paid and have enabled auto-renewal, you can opt to turn off auto-renew or cancel the subscription altogether.

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Sign In

Let's first go through the process of cancelling your trial subscription so it doesn't automatically renew once the 30 days are up. Sign into your Microsoft account page.

Services and Subscriptions

At your account page, click on the menu item for Services & subscriptions.


At your Services & subscriptions page, click on the 'Cancel' link under your Office 365 subscription.

Are You Sure?

If you're still in the midst of the free, 30-day trial subscription of Office Home, you'll be asked 'Are you sure?' Click on the button to 'Confirm cancellation.'

Free Trial Continues

The next page displays a message that your 'Your Office 365 subscription will not automatically renew.' The free 30-day trial subscription of Office Home remains in effect until the end of the trial period, so you can continue to use it until then.

Cancel Auto-Renew

What if you've already paid for your subscription and have it set to automatically renew? In this case, you can choose to disable the auto renewal so you can keep using Office 365 in full until your subscription is up. At the Services & subscriptions page, click 'Turn off auto-renew.'

Are You Sure?

At the 'Are you sure?' page, click on the 'Confirm cancellation' button. The next page displays a message that 'Your Office 365 subscription will not automatically renew.' You can continue to use Office 365 until your first subscription is up.

Get a Refund (Maybe)

Finally, what if you want to cancel your subscription outright with the expectation that you'll receive a refund for the unused time? Well, that may or may not be an option. You might receive a refund, says Microsoft, if you bought an annual subscription within the last 30 days or you bought a monthly subscription and you're cancelling within 30 days of your last renewal date. Otherwise, you and your monthly or annual fee are committed to Office 365 for the remainder of your subscription.

If you want to try to cancel, go back to the Services & subscriptions page and click on the 'Cancel' link. (You may not see the link to cancel unless auto-renewal is turned on.)

At the 'Are you sure?' page, click on the 'Confirm cancellation' button to cancel your subscription.

If you are able to actually cancel your subscription rather than just turn off auto-renew, your access to Office 365 goes into a reduced functionality mode during which time you can view your documents but not edit them. Otherwise, you'll have full access to your documents until your subscription expires. If you have any questions about your Office 365 subscription—how to cancel it, see if you qualify for a refund—you can contact Microsoft Support at the Contact Us page for accounts & billing.