How Do I Check For Passive Voice On Mac For Word

Sheryl prefers passive voice for some of her writing (such as business documents and correspondence) rather than active voice. The grammar checker on Word always marks instances of passive voice. Sheryl would like to turn off the portion of the grammar checker that checks for passive voice so that it is not marked as an error.

If your writing style leans heavily toward the usage. Being able to check for passive voice is a critical function. On the mac it only gives you the. Dec 17, 2013  How to get MS Word (for Mac) to show all instances of passive voice? I am an editor and am experiencing some trouble with passive voice in MS Word for Mac. The document I am editing previously had many instances of passive voice, but I've removed most of them now. I have it set to check for 'passive sentences,' but somehow they are not all.

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Word allows you to choose which grammar checking rules it follows and which it doesn't. To change this particular setting (the one for passive voice), follow these steps:

  1. Display the Word Options dialog box. (In Word 2007 click the Office button and then click Word Options. In Word 2010 or in a later version display the File tab of the ribbon and then click Options.)
  2. Click the Proofing option at the left side of the dialog box. (See Figure 1.)
  3. Figure 1. The Proofing options of the Word Options dialog box.

  4. Click the Settings button. Word displays the Grammar Settings dialog box. (See Figure 2.)
  5. Figure 2. The Grammar Settings dialog box.

  6. Make sure there is no check mark next to the Passive Sentences option (Word 2013 and earlier) or the Passive Voice option (Word 2016 and later). (You'll need to scroll down a bit to see the option.)
  7. Click on OK to close the Grammar Settings dialog box.
  8. Click on OK to close the Word Options dialog box.

Shortcut for indent more powerpoint mac. To show the readability statistic, follow next steps:

1. On the File tab, click the Options button:

2. On the Proofing tab, under When correcting spelling andgrammar in Word, make sure Check grammar with spelling is selected:


3. Under When correcting spelling and grammar in Word, select theShow readability statistics check box.

After the grammar check is complete, Word displays a message box telling you that the checking has beencompleted:

Document statistics displayed in this dialog box include the number of characters, words, sentences, andparagraphs in the document. They also include the average number of sentences per paragraph, of wordsper sentence, and of characters per word.

The readability of a document is often measured in terms of a grade level, and various algorithms can beused to estimate a document's ease of reading. The Readability Statistics dialog box includes theresults of three such commonly accepted estimates. The readability estimates in Word consist of thefollowing:

  • Flesch Reading Ease, or readability based on the average number of syllables per word and theaverage number of words per sentence. Standard writing averages 60 to 70 on a 100-point scale. Thehigher the score, the more people can readily understand the document.
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, or readability based on the average number of syllables per wordand the average number of words per sentence. This score indicates a grade school level. Forexample, a score of 6 means that a sixth-grader can understand the document. Standard writing isapproximately seventh- to eighth-grade level.

See also this tip in French:Comment afficher les statistiques de lisibilité du document.