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All free versions of DraftSight (2018 or earlier) will cease to run after. What makes DraftSight 2019 different from previous versions? Improves the stability of DraftSight 2018 with Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. The latest release of Mojave 10.14 is a very new Mac OS, therefore it is not.

DraftSight is a professional 2D and 3D CAD software developed by Dassault Systemes, the same company responsible for giving the design and construction industry Solidworks. The program is available for download on either DraftSight.com or on the Dassault Systemes website. Although primarily known for its flagship product – Solidworks – Dassault Systemes had found through customer interviews that there was a demand for programs compatible with the DWG file format. As such, the software can be used to create and edit 2D technical and construction drawings, handle .dwg and .dxf files and write or print up PDF documents.

As with any top-of-the-line CAD software however, it’s important to many users that pricing options are factored in the purchase of any new program. It’s even more pertinent to look into the pricing of DraftSight seeing as it has only recently opted out of releasing free versions of its software online; DraftSight 2019 is now entirely subscription based and so even old users of the program will have to readjust.

To look at this from all angles, we’ve compiled all the information we could find of DraftSight 2019’s pricing and licensing policies.

DraftSight License Options and Packages

Dassault Systemes tries to be as transparent and accessible as it can with DraftSights price options. The full price list for the different DraftSight packages is publicly viewable online, on the company’s official website.

There are four main available DraftSight packages that a user can purchase from Dassault Systemes: DraftSight Standard, DraftSight Professional, DraftSight Premium, and DraftSight Enterprise. There are also two specialized packages: DraftSight Enterprise Plus, and DraftSight 2019 Prosumer.

DraftSight Standard

This is the most basic package for DraftSight. It has all of the essential features of the program and is suitable for 2D CAD drafters with an easy and straight-forward user interface and all the fundamental digital tools needed for 2D drawing.

The program is designed for individual users, students and teachers/educators, and casual hobbyists. This version of the software runs on Windows but has a beta version that can run on Mac and Linux. It can be purchased from the DraftSight website with a 12-month subscription.

DraftSight Professional

Pinnacle studio india. This is the recommended and most popular package for DraftSight. It’s labeled as the advanced 2D CAD version of the program with optimized features and functionality, and a more sophisticated user interface than the Standard version of DraftSight.

The package is intended for companies, firms, and independent professionals. DraftSight Professional runs on Windows and can be purchased from the DraftSight website as a 12-month subscription.

The only available trial version for DraftSight is that of DraftSight Professional.

DraftSight Premium

DraftSight Premium is the most affordable package that has 3D CAD capabilities. It can be used for basic drafting and modeling, as most 2D/3D software can, but can also be utilized for product prototyping, manufacturing, 3D printing, and CNC processes.

This package is suitable for individuals, product and furniture designers, makers and hobbyists, manufacturers, design and construction professionals, and companies. DraftSight Premium only runs on Windows and can be purchased and downloaded from the DraftSight website as a 12-month subscription.

DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus

DraftSight Enterprise is intended for large groups or organizations looking to use DraftSight. As such, it is is best purchased by large teams from a company or teams working from different sites. The package includes comprehensive technical support, installation, and network licenses. The Plus variation of DraftSight Enterprise has all of what was mentioned plus additional 3D capabilities.

DraftSight Premium only runs on Windows and has a minimum purchase amount of 2 licenses. This version of the software can only by purchases off of resellers and official vendors, although a quote can be requested on the DraftSight website.

Buyers can choose to opt for a 12-month subscription or a perpetual license with paid scheduled maintenance upgrades every 12 months.

DraftSight Prosumer

DraftSight Prosumer is a paid subscription to phone and email technical support for DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium users. The tech support can assist with installation, license activation, program configuration, and software usage. This can be purchased from the DraftSight website and comes in 3-month and 12-month subscriptions.

What about License management?

DraftSight licenses are relatively standard. The licenses for the packages discussed come in 12-month subscriptions and are non-transferable and non-exclusive. Previous iterations of DraftSight (DraftSight 2018 and older) used to come with free versions of the program, but since they’re changing the business model to a subscription-based one for DraftSight 2019, all free versions of the program will only be usable until December 21, 2019. Each package has its own limits to the licenses. For DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium, the program can be installed and licensed on multiple devices but can only have one active at a time. Technical support for installation and activation issues can be provided through online or e-mail responses only. For DraftSight Enterprise, the number of active users is limited to the agreed upon authorized number of concurrent users decide upon during purchase. The users for this are also limited by geography and location; that is, if a network user uses it outside of the jurisdiction of the license, the program will not work.

All licenses and programs are downloaded, sent, and activated online and through e-mail.

Is there a perpetual license option?

Dassault Systemes seems to be shifting to a more subscription-based business model, but they still do offer perpetual licenses to DraftSight users who avail of the DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages. That is, there will be no need to pay an annual subscription fee, but buyers can always opt to pay for optional maintenance and an annual upgrade.

DraftSight Pricing – The Full Breakdown

As already discussed, there are different packages for DraftSight that one has to consider before purchasing. Before buying, it is pertinent to consider all the needs of your company and group and figure out which package works best.

Since most of the standard packages are purchased online, the prices are standard. Here is a breakdown of the prices per package:



DraftSight 2019 Standard

12-month subscription term for $99

DraftSight 2019 Professional

12-month subscription term for $199

DraftSight 2019 Premium

12-month subscription term for $499

DraftSight 2019 Enterprise

12-month subscription term for $399


Perpetual license for $499 with optional 12-month maintenance upgrades for $299

DraftSight 2019 Enterprise Plus

12-month subscription term for $699


Perpetual license for $899 with optional 12-month maintenance upgrades for $499

DraftSight 2019 Prosumer

3-month subscription term for $99


12-month subscription term for $315

Detailed Differences between Packages

For those of you wondering about the drastic price differences between packages, here’s a more detailed list of what you’ll be getting with each version:




Enterprise / Enterprise Plus

2D Design Tools

Functionality for basic objects like lines, layers, blocks, and others

2D Documentation Tools

Annotation elements like notes, dimensions, and hatches

Community Resources

Access to online forums and groups for resources and collaboration

PDF Underlay

Importing PDF files onto drawings

Batch Printing

Printing sheets and drawings in one batch

DGN Import

Importing DNG files to be used in DraftSight

DraftSight APIs

Customization and automation of processes in DraftSight

Drawing Compare

Comparing similar entities from two drawings

G-Code Generator

Seamless communication with CNC machines

Image Tracer

Automated conversion of raster images into vector drawings

Power Trim

Trimming multiple entities with one mouse movement

How to update firmware on zhiyun crane 2 for mac. Toolbox

Quick generation of various standard symbols and tables

Trimming of Hatches and Gradients

Trim command on gradients and hatches

Using Formulas in Table Cells

Editable formulas on tables

2D Constraints

2D constraints for parametric designs

(for Plus)

3D Modeling Tools

3D modeling functionality

(for Plus)

Deployment Wizard

Batch installations of the program

Network License

Concurrent users for the program

Technical Support

Prioritized help and troubleshooting for product issues

Where to purchase DraftSight

With the exception of DraftSight Enterprise, all packages for DraftSight are available for download on the DraftSight and Dassault Systemes websites. They can be purchased through credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB), PayPal, and Wire Transfer. Any credit card transaction will push through seamlessly and is the recommended payment method. For PayPal, buyers will be redirected to the PayPal website and payment will be done there. After the PayPal transaction pushes through, the product will be delivered. For wire transfers, the product will only be delivered until after payment is received in full. Pertinent bank details will be sent over for the transaction.

Draftsight 2018 free download

As for DraftSight Enterprise, the SolidWorks website has a page where potential buyers can inquire about resellers in the area. For those who are only looking for a quote first before deciding to contact a reseller, there is also a page for that on the website.

DraftSight Pricing: Final Thoughts

Here at Scan2CAD, we have discussed some of the most popular CAD software for 2D and 3D works. These programs will usually have free trials and even fully-functioning versions available for users. Relatively, DraftSight is a well-rounded program developed by a trusted company in the CAD and BIM industry. As such, with the prices and functionality mentioned above, this program proves to be worth its value to those that need 2D and 3D CAD software. With the advent of BIM technology, however, this program will probably most useful to product designers, manufacturers, and small to middle-scale fabricators.

If you want a more complete view of your options for CAD software, you can check out our previous blog posts on AutoCAD pricing, ArchiCAD pricing, and Solidworks pricing.