Adobe Font Folio 11.1 For Mac

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Adobe Font Folio
Developer(s)Adobe Systems
Available inEnglish and Japanese
TypeComputer font

Adobe Font Folio is a collection of more than 2,400 OpenTypefonts,[1] designed by several renowned type foundries. As of early 2005, there were around 10,000 fonts available in OpenType format. Adobe's font library makes up under a third of the total, all of which are included in Font Folio.

Version History[edit]

  • Version 7, released March 13, 1995. Had over 2,000 Type 1 (PostScript) typefaces. First release supporting Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems platforms.
  • Version 8, released in September, 1997.
  • Version 9, released in January, 2001. Had some OpenType typefaces, but still predominantly PostScript Type 1.
  • Version 10. Marketed as Font Folio Opentype Edition, released August 11, 2003, claiming 'more than 2,000' fonts in OpenType format. Offered as a 20-user license and, for the first time, a 10-user license to make it more affordable.
  • Version 11. Released September 5, 2007, touting more than 2,300 fonts (all OpenType).
  • Version 11.1. Released December 21, 2011. The collection has 2,433 OpenType fonts.

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Adobe Font Folio Font List *[1]


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Name: Adobe Font Folio
Version: 11
・Educational Material
・Western Fonts
・Additional Language Fonts
Web Site:


The complete font collection for creative people
Font Folio 11.1 gathers virtually every font from Adobe’s award-winning type library in a single collection.
What is Font Folio 11.1 ?
Adobe Font Folio 11.1 is a collection of more than 2,400 OpenType® fonts from the Adobe Type Library. With award-winning typefaces, unsurpassed quality, and innovative features, Font Folio is a typeface collection for virtually any typographic task.
Design with superior typefaces:
Expand your design options with more than 2,400 high-quality OpenType fonts from world-renowned foundries, including Adobe, ITC, Linotype, and Monotype Imaging; innovative firms such as LetterPerfect and MVB Fonts; and talented individual designers, such as Jovica Veljović and Michael Harvey.
Enjoy OpenType flexibility:
Simplify font management thanks to a single, cross-platform font file. The OpenType format displays and prints fonts on both Mac OS® and Microsoft® Windows® and can be used alongside existing font formats in all your documents.
Publish multilingual documents:
Publish multilingual documents using OpenType Pro fonts that support Central and Eastern European languages, as well as OpenType fonts that support Japanese, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, and Devanagari.


Why cant quicken for mac connect with suntrust bank. –Additional Language Fonts
–Adobe Arabic
–AdobeArabic-BoldItalic.otf 244.13 KB
–AdobeArabic-Italic.otf 251.75 KB
–AdobeArabic-Regular.otf 225.15 KB
–Adobe Hebrew
–AdobeHebrew-Bold.otf 67.74 KB
–AdobeHebrew-BoldItalic.otf 71.55 KB
–AdobeHebrew-Italic.otf 71.43 KB
–AdobeHebrew-Regular.otf 68.37 KB
–Adobe Thai
–AdobeThai-Bold.otf 66.30 KB
–AdobeThai-BoldItalic.otf 70.03 KB
–AdobeThai-Italic.otf 69.80 KB
–AdobeThai-Regular.otf 66.06 KB
–HY Gothic Std
–HYGoThicStd-Medium.otf 2.67 MB
–HY Gung So Std
–HYGungSoStd-Bold.otf 3.97 MB
–HY Kak Headline Std
–HYKHeadLineStd-Bold.otf 1.36 MB
–HYKHeadLineStd-Medium.otf 1.25 MB
–HY Rounded Gothic Std
–HYRGoThicStd-Medium.otf 2.78 MB
–Heisei Kaku Gothic Std
–HeiseiKakuGoStd-W3.otf 1.99 MB
–HeiseiKakuGoStd-W5.otf 2.11 MB
–HeiseiKakuGoStd-W7.otf 2.05 MB
–HeiseiKakuGoStd-W9.otf 2.18 MB
–Heisei Maru Gothic Std
–HeiseiMaruGoStd-W4.otf 2.76 MB
–HeiseiMaruGoStd-W8.otf 2.88 MB
–Heisei Mincho Std
–HeiseiMinStd-W3.otf 3.02 MB
–HeiseiMinStd-W5.otf 2.84 MB
–HeiseiMinStd-W7.otf 2.87 MB
–HeiseiMinStd-W9.otf 2.90 MB
–Kozuka Gothic Pr6N
–KozGoPr6N-Bold.otf 5.39 MB
–KozGoPr6N-ExtraLight.otf 4.82 MB
–KozGoPr6N-Heavy.otf 5.54 MB
–KozGoPr6N-Light.otf 5.18 MB
–KozGoPr6N-Medium.otf 5.25 MB
–KozGoPr6N-Regular.otf 5.19 MB
–Kozuka Mincho Pr6N
–KozMinPr6N-Bold.otf 7.84 MB
–KozMinPr6N-ExtraLight.otf 7.78 MB
–KozMinPr6N-Heavy.otf 8.05 MB
–KozMinPr6N-Light.otf 7.76 MB
–KozMinPr6N-Medium.otf 7.78 MB
–KozMinPr6N-Regular.otf 7.76 MB
–Logo Arl Std
–LogoArlStd-Bold.otf 47.32 KB
–LogoArlStd-Light.otf 46.35 KB
–LogoArlStd-Medium.otf 46.80 KB
–LogoArlStd-Ultra.otf 47.33 KB
–Logo Cut Std
–LogoCutStd-Bold.otf 46.63 KB
–LogoCutStd-Light.otf 44.68 KB
–LogoCutStd-Medium.otf 45.66 KB
–LogoCutStd-Ultra.otf 46.68 KB
–Logo Line Std
–LogoLineStd-Bold.otf 50.16 KB
–LogoLineStd-Light.otf 49.30 KB
–LogoLineStd-Medium.otf 50.29 KB
–LogoLineStd-Ultra.otf 50.05 KB
–Ryo Display Std
–RyoDispStd-Bold.otf 124.51 KB
–RyoDispStd-ExtraBold.otf 125.02 KB
–RyoDispStd-Heavy.otf 124.06 KB
–RyoDispStd-Medium.otf 122.32 KB
–RyoDispStd-SemiBold.otf 124.43 KB
–Ryo Gothic PlusN
–RyoGothicPlusN-Bold.otf 2.34 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-ExtraLight.otf 2.14 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-Heavy.otf 2.43 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-Light.otf 2.26 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-Medium.otf 2.28 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-Regular.otf 2.26 MB
–RyoGothicPlusN-UltraHeavy.otf 2.42 MB
–Ryo Text PlusN
–RyoTextPlusN-ExtraLight.otf 2.53 MB
–RyoTextPlusN-Light.otf 2.77 MB
–RyoTextPlusN-Medium.otf 2.82 MB
–RyoTextPlusN-Regular.otf 2.79 MB
–SMGothic Std
–SMGothicStd-Bold.otf 3.21 MB
–SMGothicStd-DemiBold.otf 3.38 MB
–SMGothicStd-Light.otf 3.30 MB
–SMGothicStd-Medium.otf 3.18 MB
–SMMyungjo Std
–SMMyungjoStd-Bold.otf 4.73 MB
–SMMyungjoStd-DemiBold.otf 4.29 MB
–SMMyungjoStd-Light.otf 4.80 MB
–SMMyungjoStd-Medium.otf 4.77 MB
–Adobe Western 2.pdf 191.69 KB
–Font Folio 11 Readme.html 13.28 KB
–Font Specific Readmes.html 2.12 KB
–Opentype Guide Japanese.pdf 1.02 MB
–Opentype Guide.pdf 495.93 KB
–Opentype Readme.html 62.16 KB
–Pi Font Info.pdf 215.83 KB
–What’s New.html 16.16 KB

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